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The Top 50 Tax Mistakes Practitioners Make In Real Estate Investments and How to Fix Them (REBB)

  • Format Live Seminar
  • Credits 8
  • Level Intermediate
  • Field of Study Taxes (8)

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While real estate has recently suffered in the economic downturn, it may have become more affordable and return as a hot investment in the eyes of clients. A number of mistakes can be made throughout the life cycle of the investment, and this enjoyable course focuses on the mistakes made by others…so that you are not doomed to repeat them.

Major Topics

  • Structuring the ownership
  • What's wrong with C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships?
  • Dealing with investors: preferred returned, flip-flops, management fees and what is covered.
  • Should real estate be held in your trade or business entity or outside?
  • Financing and refinancing the purchase
  • Debt issues: prepayment clauses, default clauses, guarantees. What you do up front will have a big effect on the back end.
  • Refinancing the property: basis problems, tracing rules, and other issues.
  • Depreciation and write-offs
  • Classification issues: mixed-used properties, cost segregation pros and cons, land and land improvements vs. building.
  • Tenant improvements: structuring the deal.
  • Repair vs. improvement: how new repair and improvement regulations impact real estate
  • Demolition costs: where do they go?
  • Operational issues
  • Deemed distributions
  • Passive activities, real estate professionals, and related party issues
  • Selling the property or interest
  • Like-kind exchanges: do's and don'ts
  • Installment sale problems
  • Related party sales: big issues
  • New 3.8% surtax on rents and capital gains: can it be avoided?

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the major tax errors in a real estate investment.
  • Not only understand how to avoid such mistakes, but be able to advise clients on the best available planning strategies.

Who should take this course:

CPAs who wish to have a broader insight into the areas in which expensive tax errors are most often made in real estate investments

Experience with clients invested in real estate







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